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Picture Day

Picture Day
September 24, 2020      All 4K-Gr. 2 and “B” schedule students in Gr. 3-5
September 28, 2020      “A” schedule students in Gr. 3-5

"A" Schedule Reminder

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“A” schedule students, who attend school on Monday and Wednesday, will also attend school on Friday, September 18, 2020 from 7:15-2:30.  Please make sure that you have transportation arranged for your child at 2:30.

ALL students in 4K – Grade 2 will begin attending school all 5 days beginning Monday, September 21, 2020. We are eager to have our little ones here every day.

ALL students in Grades 3-5 will continue the hybrid A/B schedule for the week of September 21-25.  “B” schedule students will attend school on Friday, September 25, 2020

Updated Schedule

Updated Schedule
In an effort to give our families as much planning time as possible, District Three will be releasing schedules for the following week as early as possible while we navigate our way, slowly, safely, and steadily back to 5 days a week of on-campus learning.  Please see the below PDF for the week's and next week's schedule.

School Improvement Council

School Improvement Council
Congratulations to Brittney Snapp and
Catherine Taylor, our newly elected
SIC/ Title I Planning Team members.  
Mrs. Snapp and Mrs. Taylor will serve 2-year terms.

Take-Home Meals

Lunch Bag
Click the link below for information on Take-Home Meals from Chartwells.

Arrival and Dismissal

Car photo
Arrival:  Students may not be dropped off prior to 7:15 AM. Students are tardy after 7:45.
Dismissal:  Students will be called 10 at a time for lower grades and 10 at a time for upper grades. Please be patient. You must have your child’s car tag.

CES Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Marisa Lee who is our Teacher of the Year for 2020-2021! After receiving her degree in Elementary Education from USC, she started her career in District 3 at Cannons Elementary as an assistant.  The following year, Mrs. Lee was hired to teach at CES where she has been for the last 16 years.  We are extremely proud that she is a product of District 3 and has continued to make her home in District 3 with her husband, Mike, and  their three children; Michaela, Christian and Noah. She is currently pursuing her M.ED in Literacy and will graduate in December of 2020.  Mrs. Lee stated, “Reading with my students and working with them in small groups is the highlight of my day.”

Cowpens Elementary School Covid-19 2020-2021 Handbook Amendments A/B Hybrid Model 4K-5th

School Building
7:15am    Doors open- Students are NOT allowed to be left at school before this time.
        Students will report directly to their homeroom class
7:15-7:50am    Breakfast will be served to students in their homeroom
7:45am    Students are tardy. Students arriving after this must be accompanied to the front door of the school.
7:50m    Instruction begins
2:20pm    Dismissal for all students.  Car riders will be dismissed 10 students at a time to avoid close contact.  Please refrain from dismissal changes if possible. Thank you in advance for your patience.

After School Activities/Daycare

No afterschool activities are currently open. It is extremely important for children to be picked up at their designated time, due to no afterschool care.

Bus Transportation

All buses will operate at 50% capacity, which means arrival and dismissal times may be staggered if there is a need for multiple routes.  Students are required to wear a mask.  Discipline polices will be strictly enforced to ensure the health safety of students and drivers.

Car Rider Procedures

All students, even bus riders, will be issued two new car rider tags at the beginning of the school year.  If your child is a daily bus/van rider, please keep this tag in a safe location if your child is a car rider even for one day.  Please assist your child in memorizing the number that has been assigned to him/her.  Returning students will use the SAME number as the previous year.  Siblings will be issued the SAME number.  This car tag should be displayed prominently or hung from the rear-view mirror so that staff members can easily see this number to “call” your child to your vehicle.  These car tags should be given to an adult(s) who is also listed on the child’s sign out sheet and has permission to pick your child up from school.  We also ask that adults REMAIN in their vehicle as children are escorted to you. Car tags must also be presented to pick–up students from any after school activity including clubs and dances. Without a current car tag, the driver must park in a designated parking space, wear a mask and present a photo ID in the main office.  Students must be picked up prior to 2:50 as we do not have after school care at this time.
Students should be dropped off on the sidewalk in front of the main entrance of the school after 7:30 AM.  Drivers should follow the single file line of traffic ONLY beside the sidewalk directly in front of the school building. In the interest of student safety, the upper parking lot should not be used for student drop off.  Please do not stop your car on the crosswalk.
To pick up students in grades 4K – 2:
    Students are dismissed from their classroom 10 students at a time according to the car line
    Drivers should follow the single file line of traffic beside the sidewalk directly in front of the school
    Please be careful of students crossing at the upper crosswalk
To pick up students in grades 3-5:
    Students are dismissed by car rider number from classrooms 10 students at a time according to the car line
    Drivers should follow the single file line of traffic through the upper parking lot
To pick up students in both grades 4K-2 AND 3-5:
    Follow the procedures above for grades 4K – 2
    Students will be dismissed according to their assigned car rider number
Note:  Car riders are not to use the entrance at the rear of the school.  This entrance is for bus transportation ONLY.

Parents MUST ensure all contact information is current.  This includes phone numbers, mailing address, physical address, and e-mail address.  In the event this information changes, contact the school immediately.  


All school discipline and dress code policies must be followed during distance learning when students are meeting together virtually. Internet use policies will be strictly enforced.

Field Trips

Field trips will not take place at this time.

Food/Snack Policy

Lunch and breakfast will be served in classrooms in prepacked containers. Students will only be allowed to bring food/snacks from home for individual consumption.  Students may bring individual lunch box. Children will not have access to a microwave to heat food. Food and snacks will not be shared among peers.  Class treats for birthdays or other special occasions will not be permitted.


Students displaying a fever of 100.4 of COVID-19 symptoms should not be sent to school.  These symptoms could include but are not limited to; sore throat, loss of taste or smell, fever, difficulty breathing or cough. Whenever symptoms of COVID-19 present at school, teachers will send students to the health room.  If the school nurse believes the symptoms indicate the probability of COVDI-19, parents will be notified and asked to pick up their child immediately. Until the arrival of the parent, the student will be isolated from other students and required to wear a mask. Please notify the school nurse if your child has come in close contact to a case of COVID-19 outside of school.


Students will be required to wear masks in school buildings and on school buses when social distancing is not possible. Masks will be required for employees when social distancing is not possible.


Visitors will not be allowed into student spaces.  All visitors will be limited into the front office and required to wear a face mask.  This includes eating with your child, volunteering, etc.  In the event you need to speak with school staff, an appointment must be made.

Water Fountains

Water fountains throughout the school will be closed (water will be turned off).  Students are encouraged to bring personal water bottle with water only.

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