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Celebrate World Book Day with your Cowpens Elementary School family!

Virtual Field Day

Field Day
 Here are some great activities you can do at home for Virtual Field Day. Snap some pictures of you having a great time and send them in!

Pick-up Plan

Plan for picking up bags containing classroom awards, medications and personal items left in the classroom.
  • Each grade level has an assigned date/time listed below for drive-thru pick-ups. 
  • If a parent has more than one student at CES, they are asked to attend each day that is assigned to their children by grade level if the child wants to see their teacher. If they choose not to see each teacher, they can attend on the day assigned to their youngest child to pick up for all of their CES children. 
  • Grade level teachers will wear protective gear while collecting materials
  • Parents and students must remain in cars at all times
  •  Students must return any remaining items such as library books, RR books, reading bags with books and Chromebook in order to pick-up
May 26

  • 4K and 5K students on May 26 from 2:00-5:00
  •  5K students will pick-up in front of the school
  • 4K students will pick up at the bus port on the side of the school
5th Grade students on May 26 at 6:00 pm
  • 5th Grade Drive-In Graduation 
  • 5th Grade students will pick-up in front of the school following graduation
May 27

  • 1st and 2nd Grade students on May 27 from 2:00-5:00
  • 1st Grade students will pick-up in front of the school 
  • 2nd Grade students will pick up at the bus port on the side of the school
May 28

  • 3rd and 4th Grade students on May 28 from 2:00-5:00
  •  3rd Grade students will pick-up in front of the school 
  • 4th Grade students will pick up at the bus port on the side of the school

2019-2020 Yearbook

Cowpens Elementary yearbooks are in, and they are full of wonderful memories of our time together this year.  Don't forget to purchase your child a yearbook so they will have lasting memories of their year!  Bring your payment of $22 on our final drop
off day on Thursday, May 21st from 2-5.  Cash, Check , or Money Order.  Make checks payable to Cowpens Elementary School.

CES Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Marisa Lee who is our Teacher of the Year for 2020-2021! After receiving her degree in Elementary Education from USC, she started her career in District 3 at Cannons Elementary as an assistant.  The following year, Mrs. Lee was hired to teach at CES where she has been for the last 16 years.  We are extremely proud that she is a product of District 3 and has continued to make her home in District 3 with her husband, Mike, and  their three children; Michaela, Christian and Noah. She is currently pursuing her M.ED in Literacy and will graduate in December of 2020.  Mrs. Lee stated, “Reading with my students and working with them in small groups is the highlight of my day.”

The Pollinator Project

Pollinator Project
The Pollinator Project
Week Three, May 18-22
Sponsored by Academic Atlas, Grades 4-5 
WHAT ARE POLLINATORS?  They are animals that spread pollen from flower to flower, like butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, and bats.  When they spread pollen, they help more plants grow.

WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL ABOUT POLLINATORS?  There are fewer and fewer of them.  One-third of the food we eat depends on them, so we need to protect them.  Do you like chocolate?  Well, guess what?  Chocolate comes from cacao beans that depend on pollinators.  Coffee, tea, and our fruits and vegetables depend on pollinators, too.

HOW CAN I HELP?  We have been including a pollinator tip of the week, but since this is the last week of pollinator trivia, here is a link to remind you of many things you can do to help pollinators.

Neighborhoods have developed in areas that were once natural habitats, making it hard on pollinators.  We can help native bees (like mason bees and carpenter bees) by including nesting boxes along with pollinator-friendly plants in our yards.  The link below provides more information.

Answer to last week’s question:  Because moths are nocturnal (active at night), they are attracted to white or pale-colored flowers.  These are better seen at night.  Moths are not as showy as butterflies, but they do the same important work of pollination.  Help them by planting strongly-scented, light-colored flowers like jasmine and evening primrose.

Honeybees are extremely important pollinators and help fruits, vegetables, and flowers grow.  Worker honeybees collect nectar and pollen from flowers.  When they return to the hive, they show the other worker honeybees where the best food sources are by doing a dance.  What is their dance called?

E-mail your answer to Ms. Moore ([email protected] by Friday, May 22.  Include your answer, name, and mailing address.  A winner will be drawn to receive a packet of pollinator seeds that will be mailed to you.

Cougar Caravan II

Honks instead of Hugs

CES staff will be honking our horns, smiling and waving as we parade through our community on May 28, 2020 beginning at 11:00 AM. This will be our way of saying that we love and miss you and hope that you stay safe and have a Happy Summer! Our new route is listed for you along with parking suggestions along that route. Please come out and park, stay in your car, and wave and let us see those sweet little faces that we miss so terribly.

Honk Instead of a Hug Cougar Caravan II Route


Possible Places to Park Along Route

Turn left on Foster Street

Recycle Plant Lot    

Turn right on Cannons Campground Rd           

Hot Spot on 110

Turn right on Hwy 110

TNT, CPC True Value, Kutting Edge, Red Rooster, Cowpens Fire Department, Velero Station, Salem Methodist Church

Right on Main Street

Hardees, Dollar General, Walgreens, Main Street Stores, Town Hall

Left on Church Street

All American Laundromat, Central Methodist Church, Tanning Salon, Town Hall

Right on Linda Street

Veteran’s Park, Cowpens Depot, Cowpens Church of God, Gordan Henry Park, Mt. Calvary Church.

Left on Old Pacolet Road


Right on Beacon Light Road

East Spartanburg Wesleyan Church, Old Mill Park/ Bridge, Clifton 2nd Baptist Church, Old Sloan’s Store

Right on Heritage Hills Road


Left on Cherry Hill Road

Broome High School, Church, Hobo Hollar

Right on Hwy 29

Saint Mark Church, Scrapbook Place, Family Dollar Store, Dearybury Oil,

C and C Thunder Motorcycle Shop, East Spartanburg Church of God, Divine Direction Church, Resurrection Church, He is Risen Church

Left on Church Street

Corner Parking Lot, Cowpens Post Office, Cowpens First Baptist Church

Right on Hampton Street

Cowpens First Baptist Fellowship Building, Main Street Back Parking Lot

Left on Foster Street

Cowpens Middle School, Timken Center, Sherwood Pool, Cowpens Elementary School



Important Information

Paper assignments for eLearning days 26-40 were mailed on April 29th and electronic assignments were posted on Chromebooks via Google Classroom. The following is the plan to collect assignments for days 26-40 as the child completes them:

•      For students with paper packets, we will be set up in car line format to receive completed work on May 7, May 14, and May 21 from 
2:00-5:00 PM
•      Staff members will wear protective gear while collecting materials
•      Parents and students must remain in cars at all times
•      Parents will drive-thru and give completed work to a staff member
•      Child’s work is to be labeled with his/her first and last name, grade and teacher name
•      For students with all work completed on a Chromebook via Google Classroom, they will not need to drop-off work
•      During the times listed above, parents may also drop-off library books, Reading Recovery books, reading bags with books and Chromebooks (if child is using paper instead)

School Closures

Embedded Image for: School Closures   (2020422215430606_image.jpg) This is a message from SCSD3. Per the governor’s orders, District Three’s buildings will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. Online learning, paper assignments and meals will continue through the month of May. Our administration is working on a plan to address student needs, picking up personal items and dropping off school property, events and honors that usually happen this time of year. Each school's principal will communicate this plan with you as soon as all details have been finalized. We have more information on our website-

eLearning Assignments for Days 16-25

Embedded Image for: eLearning Assignments for Days 16-25 (2020414214547250_image.jpg)
•      All students in 4K-Grade 2 and Grades 3-5 students who have been completing paper packets were mailed 2 Choice Boards on 4/13/20. (Please note: the mail is taking up to a week to reach students)
•      There is a Choice Board for Days 16-20 and a Choice Board for Days 21-25
•      Students should complete the following each of those days: One block from Reading; One block from Writing and One block from Math. (Optional block is just for fun.)
•      Students in 4K-Grade 2 and Grades 3-5 students who have been completing paper packets: Continue to complete daily work on paper.
•      Students in Grades 3-5 with Chromebook and Internet access who have been completing work in Google classroom: Teachers are posting in Google classroom and you will continue completing daily work in Google classroom.
•      Assignments must be completed daily for child to be counted present at school.
•      Teachers are reaching out daily to make sure that students are working and to help them with assignments.


eLearning Announcement from Mrs. Snead April 5, 2020

Keep all Work
Out of an abundance of caution, the school office will now remain closed through April 16, 2020. I will be working from home and will continue to receive emails and phone calls. Please remember that 279-6300 has been transferred to my email and I will respond to you promptly.
  • Currently, no pick-up or drop off of materials at school.
  • For students in 4K-Grade 2: eLearning assignments for days 11-15 will be mailed tomorrow, April 6, 2020.
  • For students in Grades 3-5: eLearning assignments for days 11-15 will be available in Google classroom by 9:00 am on April 6, 2020. Also, we will mail packets on April 6 to students in grades 3-5 who requested packets for days 1-10. If you do not receive a packet and would like to request one, please call the school at 279-6300 and leave name of student and mailing address.
I miss you all!

Free At-Home Learning Resources

Free Online Resources
20 Online Learning Resources to help during our school closures.

Good Night with Dolly

Dolly reads aloud
Everyone’s favorite Book Lady is bringing children and families everywhere just what they need during a time of unrest. Goodnight with Dolly is a 10-week special series of weekly videos featuring Dolly Parton reading select Imagination Library books.

Humane Society Drive

Dog Ms. Moore delivered the Humane Society contributions we had collected so far when school closed. Even though we were only halfway through our collection drive when school closed, we collected almost as much as we did last year. It is good to know our school has a heart for animals during this time!

Daily PE Ideas

Embedded Image for: Daily PE Ideas (20204822143138_image.png)
For fun daily activities from Mrs. Justus, please visit our Facebook page by  clicking here

Kindness Scavenger Hunt Home Edition

Bellamy’s Guidance Class



Social Emotional Learning


Draw a picture or write a paragraph about what you want to be when you grow up.

Think about a goal you want to accomplish over the next two weeks.  Draw a picture of you accomplishing your goal or write a paragraph of your success.

Tell someone about 5 things you are grateful for and why. 

Perform a random act of kindness for someone in your family. 

Think of a career that begins with each letter of the alphabet.

Work with your family to complete a household task.

Journal how you are feeling today.  Try to focus on all the positive people and things around you.  What are you grateful for?

Make a card or write a  note for someone that you love. Give it to them and see the smile on their face and how it makes you feel too!

Ask an adult in your family to tell you about their career and why they chose that career.

Go outside to get fresh air with your family for at least 30 minutes daily.  Ride your bike, play a sport or take a walk, etc.

Practice taking deep breathes when you feel stressed or angry.  Remember to pretend you are blowing out a candle and smelling a flower.

Do a chore without being told.  See the happy face on your family member! They’ll love it. 

Play Career Charades with a family member. Use careers like artist, doctor, police officer, astronaut, musician, cashier, etc. 

Play a board game or cards with your family (No electronics).  Or help a family member prepare a meal.

Imagine yourself in your favorite place.  It’s your happy place.   How are you feeling, what do you see and hear?  Who is with you?  Draw a picture of your calm place and hang it in your room.  Look at it often when you feel stressed! 

Give your family members a compliment.   See how it brightens their day and yours too!


What can you do to be creative at home?

eLearning Choice Board

Ms. McDaniel’s Art Class

Bubble Art:


Add soap, water, and food coloring for different paint colors then use a bubble wand to blow bubbles on a piece of paper. Let the bubbles pop to create a colorful bubble artwork.

Tie-Dye Art:


Use a baby wipe, pinch the center of the paper wipe and then twist.  Place rubber bands on the twisted wipe to separate sections for student to color. Use washable markers to color each section. Once it is colored, take out rubber bands and let dry.



Make your own paintsicles for kids to explore with. Put paint in an ice cube tray with popsicle sticks in them as a handle. Freeze in the freezer then use it as a paintbrush and a unique way to paint as the it melts across the paper. (Could try this activity with water with food coloring in it to freeze as well)

Recycled Clothing:


Create a piece of clothing that is made from recycled materials found around the house.

Blow Art:


Use a straw and some watercolor paint or just water with paint or food coloring in it. Use the straw to blow the paint around on the paper to make abstract shapes. Once it is dried, use a pen or pencil to turn the shapes into crazy creatures.

Shadow Drawing:


Have some fun with shadows. Get outside and take some toys with you. Trace the shadows you see onto your paper. You can even trace someone else’s shadow. Use chalk or do this with regular pencil and paper.

3D Self-Portrait:


Make a picture of yourself using any three dimensional object. You could make a Lego self-portrait, a self portrait out of cardboard, or anything else you have around the house.



Use unconventional items as stamps for printmaking. Consider using fruits or vegetables such as potato, celery, or apple to make prints. Could use regular stamps and ink to explore printmaking as well.



Make a picture just using colored dots. Use the end of a marker, colored pencil, or crayon to make dots. The dots should make a picture that one can see once you step away from the picture.



Create your own game to play. You could design your own board game or card game.

Play-doh Playtime:


Use your imagination to make creations out of Play-doh. If you have the supplies, you could even try to make your own play-doh or clay.

Crayon Rubbings:


Place leaves, flowers, and other flat like objects under a piece of paper. Take a crayon and lay it flat and rub over the paper to create the texture of the object underneath onto the paper.

Blindfolded Drawing:


See what funny creation you make when you draw blindfolded. You could also try to use your non-dominant hand to draw a picture for another funny drawing activity. If you normally use your right hand to write and draw, then try to use your left and vice versa.

Performing Arts:

Dance is considered a type of art. Learn a new dance or create your own and put on a performance for you whole family.

Crayons Resist:


Draw whatever kind of picture, or patterns with crayons on a piece of paper. Then take watercolor paint and paint over the crayons. Notice how the crayon repels the water because of the wax in the crayon.



Extra Math Practice

Math book
Mrs. Reid has made some everyday math skills slideshows for optional assignments.   Skills covered are money, telling time, multiplication, number sense, measurement, etc.

This link if for grades 3-5. 

Free Wi-Fi Locations

Please use this resource to access free Wi-Fi.

Chromebook Issues?

computer Email [email protected] or call 864-279-6050 to get someone to schedule a time for the repair.  

Free School Meals

Free School Meals
Breakfast and lunch will be provided daily during school closure to any D3 child birth to age 18.  If you are in need of food from March 16-March 27, 2020, please call us at 279-6300.

Suggested Daily eLearning Schedule

5K-Grade 2
8:00-9:00    Breakfast, clothes on, prepare for the day
9:00-9:30    ELA/Writing assignments 
9:30-10:00       Recess/Exercise
10:30-11:00      Math assignments      
11:00-11:30      Independent Reading
11:30-12:30      Lunch
12:30-12:45      Ask a parent to read a story aloud to you or listen to a story recorded by Mrs. Summey at 
                   Cowpens Elementary Facebook Page
12:45-1:15       Recess/Exercise
  1:15-1:30        Word Work, Science or Social Studies assignments
Grades 3-5
8:00-9:00      Breakfast, clothes on, prepare for the day
9:00-9:30      ELA/Writing assignments 
9:30-10:00    Recess/Exercise
10:30-11:00      Math assignments      
11:00-11:30      Independent Reading
11:30-12:30      Lunch
1:15-1:30      Read a story aloud to a younger brother, sister, parent or grandparent and listen to a story recorded by Mrs. Summey
                    Cowpens Elementary Facebook Page
12:45-1:15      Recess/Exercise
1:15-1:30      Word Work, Science or Social Studies assignments

Free At-Home Learning Resources

Age of Learning Please access the Age of Learning Parent Letter  here.  A unique code has been assigned to our school for you to use at home with your children while they are completing eLearning and Distance Learning.  The sites provided have learning tools avaiable to all of the grade levels we serve.  

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